Why can’t I stick to one thing?

My craft room was my favourite room in the house! So why don’t I spend more time in there now?  Obvious reason is because it NEEDS to be organized! My friend even helped me put some order to my things but it’s far from being organized. My work space needs to be clutter free so I can just walk in and start at any craft I’m feeling drawn to. But it’s not… so I can’t enjoy it like I want to!

Thanks to my hubby I have more space in my craft room. He also set up a small countertop space for my sewing machine and now I have a stable area where I can work on my sewing and quilting projects – but my cutting board is underneath all my vinyl and card making supplies! It’s total madness!

So now I’ve started collecting wool roving for future felting projects that I wanna try! My mind is going in all directions and I can’t get focused on one thing so that’s why nothing is getting done! I am slowly going crazy 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. switch!