This is something I accidentally found on youtube this year… I didn’t know what felting was before then! I’ll take a moment and explain because if you’re like me – you still have no clue what it is.  Felting is the name given for the process of matted wool.

The little fox in the picture below was done by Needle Felting – it’s wool rolled together and poked with a felting needle until it matts together and becomes solid. This little fox was a kit I purchased off Amazon but there wasn’t enough wool to build the body… I ended up using some extra that I had on hand. I think it’s a pretty good looking fox for my first attempt at needle felting! 🙂

The picture on the right is what is called – Felted Soap! This process is called Wet Felting – it’s wool rubbed together and massaged while wet.  The water and the rubbing causes the fibres to matt together and form a sweater around this bar of goats milk soap.  Why felted soap you ask? Because it’s awesome! The wool makes the soap last longer, the wool shrinks with the soap during its use and the wool is exfoliating and has antibacterial qualities. The wool creates a nice lather without wasting it’s suds.  People sell them on Etsy and people pay big bucks for them!! I just used a couple colours on mine and wrapped them randomly. I can’t wait to try it out!